Obesity and Bacteria. What’s the Connection?

Learn About the Unseen Allies That Keep You Healthy and Happy

There is only very recently been an understanding of how good bacteria that occurs naturally in the gut can affect our overall health and mood. But there is certainly a correlation between low levels of good bacteria and a healthy gut.

One health problem that affects many Americans is obesity. According to the Center for Disease Control there are over 78 million adults in the U.S that fall under the category of obese. A whole host of medical complications affect that population. This post is to let you know that obesity has been directly associated with low levels of good bacteria in the gut.

Diet directly influences which kind of bacterias are populating your gut gut. Poor diet means bad bacteria which influence so many health problems including obesity!

Are changes to the gut microbiota a cause rather than a consequence of obesity? We don’t know yet. However, a new study has demonstrated that carbohydrates found in the Mediterranean diet (particularly the non-digestible carbohydrates) can improve microbiota in the gut and help treat obesity.

Another complicating factor is that bacterial diversity in the gut tends to decrease with age, meaning a high quality probiotic supplement could be particularly effective in individuals over age 50.

What can be taken away from what we know for certain today is that diets high in fruits, vegetables and unprocessed grains such as the ones found in the Mediterranean diet can help prevent inflammation and obesity.  Although precise understanding of the mechanisms  has not been determined results have shown a positive affect.

Consult with a registered Dietician to better understand your specific requirements for a healthy happier lifestyle. Stay tuned for more information on a healthy gut and a happy life.

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Ref: Lopez-Legarrera P, Fuller NR, Sulet MA et al. The influence of Mediterranean diet, carbohydrate and high protein diets on gut microbiota composition in the treatment of obesity and associated