IBS and FODMAP Diets

Evidence for the dietary management of IBS is variable. Dietary restriction of fermentable carbohydrates (the FODMAP diet) is gaining in popularity as a treatment for IBS. Approximately 3⁄4 of IBS patients get some benefit from following a low FODMAP diet. However, the diet is very restrictive and evidence now shows that it can alter gut microbiota and nutrient intake unfavorably. More studies are needed to understand the implications of long term reduction of intake of FODMAPs on the gut. Work with a Registered Dietitian who understands FODMAP dietary restrictions and gut health to determine the best diet to follow to maximize management of your IBS.

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De Roest RH, Dobbs BR, Chapman BA et al. The low FODMAP diet improves gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with irritable bowel syndrome: a prospective study. Int J Clin Prac, September 2013; 67:895-903.